3 Haunted Houses in One Location

Sector 13

ALL NEW for 2017! For half a century, the deep state has operated Sector 13, a covert research facility housing an unnatural alliance between humans and a race of extraterrestrial beings. Its purpose was purely scientific although viciously cruel: test subjects from both races were vivisected and experimented upon, grafted and combined in unholy fashions in an effort to create a superior race. But now, the aliens’ true purpose has been revealed and the grotesque mutant experiments are loose and under their control, killing all humans on sight and preparing the world for invasion! Trapped inside, you must escape Sector 13, evade the mutants and get to safe ground before the facility self-destructs! It’s sci-fi horror the FrightTown way!

Grimthorne Manor

Dare to venture into the rotting mansion once owned by the proud but heartless Grimthorne family. A poor gypsy seeking nothing but shelter was degraded and abused by the cruel family and with her dying breath, she placed a curse on the family so that they would become as monstrous in body as their black souls already were. Now, the once proud Grimthorne Manor is a crumbling house of death, overrun by angry spirits, vampires, werewolves and maniacs. Featuring classic monsters with a modern twist, Grimthorne Manor is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween in Oregon this year.

Baron Von Goolo's Museum of Horrors

Werechickens and evil clowns and mutant sea monkeys - OH MY! You might think you've seen it all but no other haunted house on the planet could possibly prepare you for the cacophonous cornucopia of creepies and crawlies that inhabit BARON VON GOOLO'S MUSEUM OF HORRORS! Von Goolo, the world's premier occult hoarder and paranormal zookeeper, has searched high and low - from the snowiest mountain peak to the darkest corner under your bed - and filled his Museum with oddities and entities that will make your eyeballs run screaming into your brainpan! Featuring shiny new monstrosities for your dark pleasure every year, BARON VON GOOLO'S MUSEUM OF HORRORS is the longest running haunted attraction in Portland. Come see why Rue Morgue Magazine called Baron's place 'the greatest cabinet of curiosities they'd ever seen.' You'll scream with laughter - if you can ever stop screaming!

Fear the Dark

ALL NEW FEATURED ATTRACTION! Not everybody is afraid of the dark, but everyone should be afraid of what’s in it! Descend into a terrifying world of pitch blackness in Fear The Dark, FrightTown’s new horror maze! Feel your way through tight, twisting corridors totally blind and betrayed by your other senses. Fear The Dark is a sensory deprivation experience that brings all your fears to life! Please be aware that to maximize the impact, Fear The Dark will have extremely limited admission to eliminate crowding. But that’s just as well – most of you wouldn’t survive it anyway…

Fear The Dark requires a separate purchase and is not handicap accessible.

Buried Alive

Trapped in a coffin where no one can hear you scream, experience the claustrophobic terror of BURIED ALIVE! FrightTown’s epic live burial simulator. You will live the sounds, the sensations and even the smells of what it’s like to be left for dead and dumped in an unmarked grave. An intimate horror experience for you - and maybe an unlucky friend if they can squeeze in!

BURIED ALIVE! requires a separate purchase.

The Ghost Gallery

ALL NEW! We all know that FrightTown is just for fun, and that nothing here is real…at least, that’s how it used to be. The curators of FrightTown have scoured the country for REAL haunted artifacts from REAL haunted houses and have put them on display in our all new Ghost Gallery! Possessed dolls, a haunted painting, even soil from the most haunted graveyard in the world – these and more await you! Are they real? Or just the ravings of fevered imaginations? Experience the Ghost Gallery and decide whether or not you believe in ghosts…

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